Why You Need a Blog and New Blog Ideas

Why You Need a Blog

When I wrote ‘why you need a blog’ in the title, I meant a blog that is separate from your main business website. You should have a blog there too. But having a forum that you wholly control and can express your thoughts, opinions, and new things you learn and experience is beneficial on many levels. What follows is some of the top 10 reasons this writer feels you need a blog.

  1. You are building something that will take you places you cannot imagine. A blog is an organic creature that will be fed each time you post and the more it eats it will become great and unique, and lead to new opportunities.
  2. Blogging is therapeutic. A blog can be a healthy outlet when you need to share something that is important or interesting to you when you don’t have another venue to share it with.
  3. It belongs to you. When you post to social media, you are creating content for them and they benefit 100% from you. Why hire writers when they have millions of people writing for them for free?! It’s a brilliant strategy because they monetize your content and you don’t make a penny from your work. They keep all the profits for themselves.
  4. You can monetize your content. Diversify your income stream and add another source of revenue. You can’t do that on your Facebook page.
  5. Once you blog for some time and lose interest, you can sell it for profit. Businesses will pay well for the traffic you’ve built up for your blog.
  6. Over time, you will learn and grow through the process. Your writing skills, and/or photographic skills (if you take photos for your blog) will improve.
  7. Build a network and work with others to even grow your blog further.
  8. Become an authority. As your writing improves, your blog will gain more respect.
  9. You can promote your business and services. Even services separate from you primary business. Want to offer writing services? How about photography? Or something else?
  10. Make a difference. Your well written expressions and opinions can motivate others, expose injustice, create awareness and much more.

A blog does not mean you shouldn’t have a social media page, but instead of posting everything to social media, you can post links to your blog posts and grow traffic and leads.

New Blog Ideas

Have you wanted to create a new blog but couldn’t because you have no idea what to write about? Here are some ideas for a new blog that you can start today (not in any particular order):

  1. Write about life and experiences where you live, your neighborhood or city.
  2. Do you have some expertise in a particular field? Write helpful articles about that field and challenges you experience.
  3. Are you learning a new skill? Write about that experience and put things you are learning on your blog.
  4. Are you traveling or have traveled? Write tips and experiences on your blog.
  5. You can review movies you have seen.
  6. Do you enjoy photography? Take photos and put them on your blog and write brief descriptions.
  7. Are you passionate about food? Try different recipes and write about the food.
  8. What about drink? You can do the same and write about different wines, beers, whiskies, vodkas, etc.
  9. Do you want to get healthier? Write about getting in shape, healthy food, exercise, etc.
  10. You can write about pets, post videos and photos of pets.

These are some ideas for a new blog. Once you have your blog established, you can post ads and start making money from the traffic it receives. But more on that later.

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