Why Invented Brandable Domain Names Can Make Sense for Your Business

Invented brandable domain names are names that are not in the dictionary but are pronounceable in multiple languages, easy to spell, and memorable. They can contain actual words, like Viralfy, with the word “viral” and “fy” added to the end, which turns a noun or an adjective into a verb. Or they can be completely made up, like Oobin. The best invented brandable domains are those that are easy to pronounce and recall. This means that they only have a pronounceable small suffix (not more than 2 letters) attached to the end of a short word or, if they are completely made up, be of very short length, from 4 to 6 letters, also pronounceable. Now, why can the right brandable domain be a good choice for a business name?

In one word: Uniqueness. Other than the fact they can be memorable, the other reason is findability. Meaning that your business website can be easily and quickly located. If you have a pure generic word or words in your business name, then when someone types it into search, many other options will be displayed in the results and your business can end up buried with competitors that will show up together with your company name. A brandable domain is as unique as it gets. Granted, of course, that the name is memorable. This cannot be stressed enough. Brandable domains are easier to trademark since they cannot be confused with other business names or generic words.

Although pure generic domains are great and lead to type-in traffic, they command prices which can be out of reach for many companies and startups. Brandable domains are a fraction of those prices. Yet they can be very short and be highly marketable, creating a unique brand for your business.

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