White.com Sells for 6 Figures

James Booth reported, via LinkedIn, that his brokerage firm, BQDN, sold the domain name White.com for 6 figures. Most domain sales go unreported as to the exact amount. White.com would likely garner close to mid 6 figure sale: 150,000 to 500,000. But that is only a guess. James confirmed it is over 100,000 at the least. Maybe we’ll find out the exact price if DN Journal reports the sale.

White.com is a great brandable domain because the domain can be used for unlimited number of businesses, although the buyer probably had a specific brand in mind. Currently, white.com is still pointing to a parked page and the registration is private.

The first thing that comes to mind is tooth whitening or fabric or paint. But since it is a positive word it could be a brand for almost anything.

Congratulations to both BQDN and the buyer. Wonderful brand that we are looking forward to seeing what it will become.

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