What is Markup Language in HTML

Markup in HTML resembles markup language in word processing. HTML stands for Hyper-Text Markup Language. In its simplest sense, markup is used to designate parts of the Web page to display in a certain way. To designate text as bold, a heading, or a paragraph, specify layout such as a table or column, and so forth. Also, to display an image or a video. HTML is as well as used to tell search engines what the page is about. These designations are placed inside of tags. A tag is opened <opened tag> and closed </closed tag>. The tags are between greater than and lesser than brackets (also called chevron or angle brackets). A tag is closed when a forward slash is included preceding the tag inside the bracket. By knowing what to place inside those brackets and closing them, you will be able to manipulate the content of the page. We will next look at the basic markup structure of a plain page. Then we will look at uploading your HTML files to the server, followed by layouts and styling.

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