Voice.com Sold for 30 Million

George Kirikos posted on NamePros that Voice.com has been sold by MicroStrategy for $30 million. Details of the transaction have been posted in a press release on BusinessWire.com.

The domain has been purchased by Block.one. According to the press release:

Block.one has made a smart strategic decision in choosing Voice.com to be the internet domain name for its new social media platform.

On the Block.one blog, the company “announced Voice, a blockchain-based social media application designed with users of the platform in mind. Voice is a more transparent social media platform for the world, where the value of good content gets circulated right back into sustaining the community, not corporate bottom lines.”

Voice.com currently ranks as the 5th largest domain sale of all time just after PrivateJet.com which sold for $30.1 million.

The domain was sold by MicroStrategy in a pure cash transaction facilitated by Godaddy. MicrosStrategy is a software and consulting company that services a vast variety of industries. It looks like MicroStrategy is selling off their collection of ultra-premium domains that include:
















According to the sales landing page:

These domain names are available for strategic transactions.

MicroStrategy believes in the power of digital transformation. We hold more than a dozen evocative and powerful domain names. Ultra-premium domain names like these can help a company achieve instant brand recognition, ignite a business, and massively accelerate value creation.

While our focus continues to be on our core analytics and mobility business, we are open to opportunities for equity or other strategic transactions with well-funded parties that share our vision for leveraging our ultra-premium domain names for maximum impact. Please use the form below to express your interest.”

I think it is a very smartly written sales text that domain investors using landing pages can imitate.

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