Trump Comes Up with New Brandables

First there was “covfefe” in a tweet from Trump, that appears to be a typo as the hand slips over the keys while going to sleep. Now it is “peachy dory” (conflating peachy and hunky dory), where he said in an impromptu press  q & a on his way to the presidential helicopter that “things are peachy dory”. Both were picked up on by late night shows and both were very quickly registered. “Covfefe” is currently registered in all extensions, “peachy dory” is only in dot com. So you may have a chance to grab it in another extension. Actually, looking at the whois info for, it was registered in 2016 so Trump cannot claim he came up with the phrase. At this time, does not resolve anywhere so it is a total waste of the traffic spike and possible revenue that it likely would receive thanks to the presidential bump.

When you want to come up with new brandable domain names, then just listen to whenever Trump speaks. You never know what he’ll come up with (by accident or not).

Although “covfefe” and “peachy dory” are registered in the dot com extension, the good news is that another Trumpism is still available to register. It is when he slurred words including “united shteych”. You can still grab that one in dot com. 😉

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