Why I Started This Blog, DN Playbook

The primary reason for starting this blog is to have a written account of strategies that work, as well as those that don’t work, in connection with domains and business. Strategies both for end-use and for domain sales.

Another reason is that I am giving up on posting in domain forums, for the large part, as there is too much politics and subjective application of the rules made by some moderators. So why go to the trouble of writing a post or an answer to a post just to have it completely deleted because one part of it was deemed against a certain rule. Then you post again hoping that the post is okay this time but then it gets deleted again because of some other rule. Sheesh. Don’t have the time for that. Rather create content for my own blog than provide free content to another site.

Sept. 10, 2019 Update: NamePros (nP) is the currently most popular domain forum. Although in the past I could not understand why some of my posts were removed, recent discussions with a super moderator have helped me understand the hard work that forum moderators do have. They don’t have the budgets of social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook. They rely heavily on the members reporting posts (self moderation) and sometimes that post is yours and you may not agree with the decision. But forums like nP are getting much better and are evolving. I find that nP is important in the domain name space and I will contribute to the forum as long as I am allowed and time permits. I hope that DN Playbook will be also an important chapter in the domain name business. Both forums and blogs have a role to play here.

Additionally, I have been inspired by other long-time domain bloggers in the industry who provide unique perspectives, insights, and news. In their trailblazing tradition, hoping that DN Playbook can fill an opening and offer insights into domain strategies, and related stories.

Finally, I think when you are working online most of the time, it is healthy to have a blog for free expression and a chronicle of your journey.

I have been involved in the domain business since the early 2000’s. It is not my preferred choice. I kind of stumbled into it through my Web design business as many domainers have. Today I do Web development, which I also stumbled into when the Web design industry became too saturated with Web designers that would build websites super cheap and do-it-yourself website builders (I have a strong opinion on these as well). But throughout the years, domains have always accounted for a good enough percentage of annual income that I decided it is time to embrace domaining and stop resisting. To borrow a famous quote from The Godfather Part 3, “Just as I thought I was out, they (domains) pull me back in.”

One thought on “Why I Started This Blog, DN Playbook

  • September 23, 2019 at 2:49 am

    Just came across your DN blog and was very happy to see it! A new DN related blog!
    Please keep it on and don’t stop, will try to visit it on a permanent basis.

    Love your work!


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