Registered Domains Search Tool

Just came across this tool that allows you to search for registered domains based on a keyword.

We’re probably more used to searching for available domains, expired domains, or for sale lists. But being able to search for all registered domains is very useful.

If you have a domain for sale such as, you can enter the keyword “weddingshoes” and get the results of all domains that use that keyword but are inferior in quality.

This is great information to use to make a list of potential buyers that would be interested in owning your superior domain.

Pricing ranges from free to 34.99 in the 3 plans. The more you pay the more features are available such as filters, searching multiple keywords, exporting lists, etc.

The results don’t differentiate between active registrations and domains that are expiring or in redemption period, etc. So you still need to check the domain to see if it is an active business and not abandoned.

It also appears to work in international non-alphabetic script languages like Chinese and Japanese.

The site is

I am not associated in any way with Dot DB. Just found this tool through a Twitter post and found it to be potentially quite useful.

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