Project: Consolidate Websites

There is a temptation among domainers/developers to keep developing domains into websites. You see a domain and immediately you have an idea of what type of website you can build on it and possibly even a business. This can create many projects that are impossible to keep up with and manage in a way that is necessary to make them work. Successful websites need constant attention and massaging, so to speak, in regards to content, SEO, security and updates, especially if they are built on a CMS.

Over the years, I have developed a number of websites with quality content. Well written original articles, original photos and videos, etc. Many of them I had to let stagnate due to time restrictions and priorities of other projects. The more sites you have up and are not managed properly, the more you open yourself up to spam and hacking attacks.

Since most of these sites intersect in topics in one way or another, I have decided to consolidate them into one or maybe two brands. It is easier to keep a couple of sites updated and put the work necessary into content and SEO building, than it is for multiple sites. You have to harness your available resources, mainly time and money, to where this will have the most impact. If you can handle many sites, then that is great.

I will let you know how this project goes. But I do believe, that if you don’t have the time to manage many sites, focus on your best ones, consolidate content, work on SEO, keep them updated. Then enjoy the fruitage of you labor.

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