Problems with Samsung’s New Slogan: “Do What You Can’t”

Samsung recently announced their new folded smartphone, the Galaxy Fold, along with a new slogan: Do What You Can’t.

There 2 huge problems with the new slogan:

  1. Samsung does not own the domain name,, which means they are sending a huge amount of free traffic to that website every time they insert the slogan into their promotional assets, such as video commercials or print material. That’s free advertising for Additionally they can’t truly trademark that slogan as it would not apply against the original site owners because they used it first.
  2. “Do What You Can’t” is actually grammatically incorrect. How can you do something and can’t do it at the same time? The correct way to state it would be, Do What You Couldn’t. As in, you can do now what you couldn’t before.

As a business, you want to make sure that any product names, services, and slogans you decide upon you also own in the dot com extension. People will type those into their browser after they hear them many times. Fortunately Samsung was clever enough to register and redirect it to the product page of their main website. You also want to make sure the names are appropriate and grammatically correct.  Finally, you want to do due diligence and check that the names are not being used currently by someone else as this could lead to confusion and prevent you from being able to fully own the trademarks of the names themselves.

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