Please Help Me Appraise My Domains. What is Wrong With This Picture.

Appraising domains is a very subjective initiative. Even if done right, the valuation can significantly change over a short period of time. There are many variables that are not even considered in most cases. Like the marketspace, geographical location, market flactuations, end use, return versus investment, competition, etc. Those are variables that are constantly in a state of flux. The bottom line is what is the business that can result from the domain and what returns can be achieved. This depends on the buyer and their abilitiy to create a successful business on the domain. If their confidence is low then they will not be willing to pay signficant amount for the domain. So you may want to wait for the right buyer. At this point the value of the domain is in your hands and your ability to see the potential for the domain.

Now, if you have to ask others what they value your domains at, then you are in trouble. This means that you are likely registering domains blindfolded. You have low confidence in domains you are registering or buying on the aftermarket. This is not a good sign. You should never ever register a domain or buy an expiring domain unless you are positive of their value and potential. Whether 100x or 1000x or more of the purchase price. If you cannot be certain of that then you are burning money.

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