New Products To Be Launched at Uni

Uni (formerly Uniregistry) has sent out this morning a newsletter outlining launch of new products:

What’s new at Uni?
We’re excited to announce two exciting new products: Uni Email and Postboard. You can use Uni to easily get your perfect custom email address and a beautiful web presence.

You can catch our Sales Team at NamesCon 2019 in Las Vegas, our roundup of monthly discounted extensions is back, and .dev begins sunrise mid January. In other news, we are highlighting .homes which will relaunch mid January.

Mid-January, that’s tomorrow or the day after.

It seems that there is just no end to new generic top-level domains (ngTLD) being launched. Dot dev and dot homes being the latest offerings from Uni. Lets see if these ones will stick. Some surely will be valuable, such as,, etc. But more than likely they will be at premium pricing. The inconsistent and/or premium pricing in the past of other ngTLD’s has really stifled their success and made for an extremely poor performance in real-world usage. As such, the general public has little to no clue about the existence of almost all of them. And so businesses in general have shied away from using them for branding purposes.

In the past, Uni (Uniregistry back then) did not have much success with Web builders as their partnership with did not seem to work out well (they parted ways a while back). We’ll see what the new “beautiful web presence” experience will be like and if that will be an in-house service or outsourced like before. We can only presume that the “perfect custom email address” means (or some other TLD). Again, at the time of this writing we can’t report if this will be outsourced or in-house and what the costs will be for these new products.

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