New Generic Top-Level Domains as Compliments to Dot Com

It is interesting to note that in recent months some new top-level domains are being promoted as compliments to dot com rather than alternatives or replacements.  Which makes more sense to me than outright competition with dot com. More registries should take this route. Here are some examples:

Dot Bot – According to the marketing copy by the dot bot registry, “your customers will always be able to find and chat with you through your .BOT identity.” So then the dot bot extension can be a quick way for customers to access your online chat platform by-passing the home page (which ideally would be on the dot com extension.)

Dot Dev – This gtld targets developers to create a development environment to build their websites. Clearly not competing with dot com.

Dot Press – The gtld is ideal for a dedicated domain that would point to a website or page with press releases and news items.

Dot Store – If your website has a store or marketplace that you want to separate from other content, then this gtld may be useful.

Dot Live – Streaming live events and/or post videos of past events.

Dot Help – Clearly a gateway to customer service for any business.

These are just a few examples of how new gTLDs are either presenting themselves as compliments to dot com or potentially could do so.

What makes these TLD’s attractive as compliments to dot com is that they can provide a quick and easy way to access specific sections of a business website. For example, it is much easier to type as opposed to or

Extensions that were promoted as replacement or alternatives to dot com have not been successful, such as dot site, dot click, dot website, dot top, dot one, etc.

If you are a domain seller with new gTLDs in your portfolio then you may want to try marketing them as ideal compliments to a dot com.

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