NamesCon Europe 2019 Keynote Announced

Andrew Cotton

NamesCon just sent out an email announcing that the keynote for NC Europe 2019 will feature professional big wave surfer Andrew Cotton. According to the email:

Andrew has built a life and career out of embracing the awesome power of the ocean. As one of the world’s most respected pro surfers, he travels the globe hunting some of the biggest and heaviest waves Mother Nature can throw at us, such as Peahi in Hawaii, Mavericks in California, and The Right in Western Australia. His journey has been one of triumph, heartbreak, and even back-break, and he has come out of it with hard-won wisdom for physical and mental resilience, branding, entrepreneurship, and motivating the people around him.

Join us in beautiful Cascais, Portugal and learn from Andrew how to confront and become one with forces that may seem insurmountable, and how to bounce back from what may feel like total failure.

According to his website,, he is a big wave surfer and a motivational speaker:

Andrew Cotton is a professional big wave surfer, top level athlete, adventurer and guest speaker. He is now one of the world’s most respected big wave surfers basing himself in Nazare, Portugal and West Ireland for much of the big wave season. He also travels the globe surfing some of the biggest and heaviest waves on the planet such as Peahi in Hawaii, Mavericks in California and The Right in West Australia.

A quick search shows that he also appeared on various sports and news outlets.

This is part of NamesCon’s “beyond the dot” journey that aims to help you come up with “out-of-the-box strategies to tackle your business challenges”.

Here’s more on the keynote from NamesCon Europe.

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