More Great Suffixes and Prefixes for 2 Word Brandable Domains

Here we present more great 2 word combination words that can be either a prefix or a suffix. For the first part in the series, checkout the post Great Words for New 2 Word Combination Brandable Domains. Be mindful that not all will work with just any industry, so we’ve broken them up into what market they fit best. Now, you may find that a prefix/suffix works well for your new business name, so these categories are not intended to be hard and fast recommendations.

Additionally, when combining these words with your brand or creating a new brand name, keep in mind that they may make more sense as a prefix or a suffix. So here we go:


  • About
  • Brite
  • Gal
  • Hero
  • Main
  • Pal
  • Prestige
  • Select
  • Star
  • Ultra
  • Virtue
  • Wise


  • Fire
  • Fixer
  • Geek(s)
  • Grid
  • Ignite(r)
  • Drive
  • Matrix
  • Razor
  • Savvy
  • Virtual

Environmental or Local

  • Geo
  • Green


  • Crunch
  • Leap
  • Strategic
  • Strategy
  • Strategies

Stay tuned for more great prefix/suffix ideas.

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