Microsoft Edge Makes It Easier For Visitors to Leave Your Website

If you have used the Microsoft Edge browser recently, you may have noticed two round links that appear as you hover over images. When you click on the first link, the browser will open a split window with the results from Bing using the alt image tag.

These links are overlaid automatically and without permission over the images.

This is very bad news for website owners if their visitors browse their sites on the Edge browser. This makes it easy for visitors to click away from their sites and go to the Bing search results pages. Additionally it is an unwelcome intrusion and defacement of the original website. It makes it seem like those links were placed there intentionally by the Web designer.

This is forced promotion to get more search traffic to the Bing search engine. It very unfortunate that Microsoft has sunk to this unfair practice to get their search engine searches up at the expense of website owners who spent a lot of effort to built their sites and get them ranked.

What if you spend money to advertise your website through PPC (pay-per-click) campaigns. Your spending can potentially help Microsoft’s Bing grow in number of searches and you lose the visitors. There is so much wrong with this. I hope it will be stopped soon.

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