MegaLander Offers Highly Customizable Landers Without Database

So far you have 3 options for landing pages. A subscription based system, using a mainstream marketplace or parking service, or creating your own landing page using WordPress or a similar CMS. The first one requires a monthly payment, the second sends free traffic that benefits the marketplace not you, the third is an overkill that requires you to set up a database and opens you to potential hack/spam attacks.

Now there is an option that is non-database, secure, and allows only you to capture leads. The option is MegaLander. Download the landers and edit a couple of files. Upload to your host and you have a professional lander. Reuse for unlimited domains. At the time of writing there is a special offer with discounted one-time pricing with life-time access.

Imagine landers with unlimited content, video, social media, and promotional areas that allow you monetize your domains. Additionally, the forms offer the ability for you to add Google reCaptcha v3 or a double confirmation if you don’t want to use reCaptcha.

MegaLander gives you total control of your landing pages with minimal overhead. No installation and no database means that time to launch is minutes. Less or no risk of targetted attacks. No one can enter your server through database sql injection. You don’t have to install additional firewall protection for each domain. At the same time you benefit from secure forms and can add link to any BIN purchase fulfillment.

Visit MegaLander now to get this service at a bargain.

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