John Oliver’s Last Week Tonight Buys for 2500

John Oliver knows the value of domains. In this past weekend episode of Last Week Tonight, John Oliver revealed that he and the show producers purchased the domain for 2,500 USD and developed it into a website. And here is the kicker. The domain was purchased and developed by Purdue Pharma family dynasty that owns that company. The family is the Sacklers. The goal was to do damage control from the billions they made during the height of the opioid crisis and their drug, OxyContin.

The incredible thing is that they did not realize the great value of the dot com over dot info. Their coffers would not suffer anything if they purchased the dot com. It illustrates how even very rich people are ignorant of the value of dot com domains. The dot com version was registered on 2020-06-08. The dot info version was registered by the Sackler dynasty on 2021-05-10.

John Oliver has registered a number of other domains that are newsworthy and are related to the topics of his shows. Domains related to Michael Bloomberg, Rudy Giuliani, Donald Trump, and others. It highlights the value of brand protection as well as not being cheap when it comes to getting the best domain.

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