Improving Your Domain Marketing During Self-Isolation

The recent COVID-19 outbreak is essentially affecting each part of the globe and is changing the lives of many. The Web is becoming more of a life-line to help companies and individuals stay connected with customers, employees, family, and friends, during stay-at-home orders. Domain names play a critical role in connecting with prospects and customers. We’re are still seeing healthy sales volume being reported during this outbreak (source). Could this crisis lead to more online businesses? Time will tell.

We wish all our readers and clients to be well and stay safe. If you are a domainer or domain investor and are self-isolating then this would be an ideal time to focus on improving your domain marketing.

Domain marketing encompasses the whole scope of promotion and advertising, down to closing the sale. Starting with your portfolio site. Here are some key ways you can improve your domain marketing during isolation.

Start with the basics.

Go through all of your domains and do a portfolio audit. Make sure all of your domains resolve. By pointing your domains to your DMP shop’s landing or sales pages, you have the best chance of getting results. Do a list of your domains that identifies which domains are your top-tier, second-tier, and those you want to unload either by selling for cheap or allowing to expire.

Leverage SEO to Get More Exposure

Search Engine Optimization can work depending on how you create your sales pages and category pages. DMP allows you to fully customize these important pages on your portfolio. Prospective buyers may not necessarily type the exact domain into the search bar but searches such as “name ideas …”, “domains for … business” etc, are common. It can take a number of months to rank for certain keywords, so now could be the right time to start work on SEO or improve it.

Create a Professional Image

Make sure you have a well-written about page, privacy policy, and clearly outlined terms. Don’t use a free email address. Use an email address on your domain name. Include a phone number with a professional voicemail recording. Make sure that your portfolio business site and landers do not look spammy and are easy to use.

Do Outbound the Right Way

Research prospective buyers. Create a contact list. Make sure that the domain you are pitching is a perfect match for the company or their industry. Don’t pitch inferior domains. This will only make you look like a spammer. Now that you have created a professional image, work at your messaging. Business people are busy. Keep it brief, to the point. Create a good signature that includes your name, email address, phone number, and link to your site. If your email goes unanswered try to follow up with a phone call. If it didn’t go to the right person (decision maker), try to get their email. If calling is not possible, then follow up with an email after a few days. But don’t follow up too often. If you get a response with interest, but you couldn’t agree on a price, keep that on file. Follow up in a few months to see if they are still interested.

Focus Only on a Few Domains at a Time

If you are trying to market many domains at the same time, then you will spread yourself thin and not be able to do as good a job on each one. Run marketing campaigns on a few quality domains at a time. Then move on to others.

Network With Other Domainers

There are many domainers and investors who operate domain shops on the DMP platform. DMP allows operators to sell domains from other owners. You can network with them to sell some of your best domains in exchange for a success rate or percentage.

Other Domain Marketing Options

Create blog posts explaining the benefits of a specific domain. You can also send out press releases. There again, include your contact information, website, phone number, email, etc. Use all the available social networks to post your individual domains for sale with relevant hashtags. You might be able to also use the @user tag to get attention of a specific business. List your domains on all the available domain marketplaces. But there, make sure to include the commission rate in any pricing and make sure to resolve the domains to your own sales pages.

Governments are encouraging people to self-isolate during this pandemic. This is the best way to prevent spread of the virus at the moment. But this is also an opportunity to focus your energy on improving your domain marketing looking forward to the future.

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