How To Maximize Revenue Through Website Design

Yes, website design does impact revenue. However, does this mean that having a professional Web design with the latest bells and whistles automatically maximize revenue? No it will not. There are a number of important considerations to take into account when designing a website in a way that will maximize revenue. Here are some of the items that need to be in place and/or considered to create a website that maximizes revenue:

Revenue Source

What is the revenue source? Are you running an informational site supported by advertising and affiliate marketing? Are you selling physical goods? Are you selling digital goods? Are you selling services? Is the revenue mainly from a single product, either digital or physical? Or does the revenue result from lead generation? Answering those questions will impact decisions regarding design. Will a one-page scroll-enabled website work best or will a broader website that includes a store section, a blog section, and a support section work better?

Target Audience

Who is your primary audience? What is the age group? What countries do they come from and what is/are their primary language(s)? How savvy is your audience with websites and the Internet? What types of sites do they visit and what are their expectations from websites they frequent?


This is one of the hardest aspects of effective website design. The experience of the users when they visit the site. This requires putting yourself in the shoes or place of the visitors. It involves overall layout, placement of content, the flow of the purchase or desired outcome, and the ease with which the visitors are able to find the information that they are looking for which landed them on the website.


Testing involves displaying different types of design layouts to real visitors. It can also involve having a select group of users in a controlled environment providing feedback in real-time.  This can offer very valuable insights into which website design provides best results.


It is important to have analytics integrated in order to provide data over time to see whether visitors follow through with the desired actions, whether ad clicks, subscribing, purchasing, etc.

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