How Not to Waste Time Trying to Sell Domains on Social Media

The other day there was a post on LinkedIn that caught my attention. It is very educational and sparked a small debate. The opening post went like this:

Please dont send me a friends request or a connect invite for the sole purpose of selling me something or joining some binary options plan. I am a Domains Seller only, not a buyer and don’t need Web or App designs. Thank You .

There were a number of likes to that post and a few replies agreeing with that sentiment.

Personally I’ve seen this many times: You accept a request to be added to your network from some domainer, then a few minutes or hours later you get a private direct message with a random list of domains asking you if you’re interested in any of them.

As a seller, if you are sending random domains to other random domainers then you are wasting your time. It may seem like an easy thing to do but you are essentially spamming because the recipient has not indicated any interest and you did not do any research to see if the domains would be of interest to them. You’re shooting in the dark, hoping that there might be a bite at some point. During the process you may tick off some people like the domainer in the opening post above.

What’s interesting is that there was a reply from someone disagreeing with the OP that, although the sentiment was fine, it shouldn’t be expressed openly. It went like this:

This is the common POV that keeps the digital landscape in the hands of extremely biased old timers that resent someone trying to hustle deals. I get the same approach from others and have my own guilt in this way, but it’s never bothersome to me when a fellow digital hustler runs into me with the sole purpose of showing me his ability. I’m not mad at you [redacted] but come on. We are not really into domains to foster relationships, we merely foster them to make them profitable. I hear you but I also hear what’s wrong with a domain long before what’s right about one. Cheers!!!

He went on to state that he agrees with the POV but not with the need to react. Then he compared that with what if realtors felt like that, “Don’t tell me what you have for sale, I don’t know you yet…”

Here’s the problem with that comparison. If I had real estate agents constantly calling me or sending me sales pitches for swampland in Florida, I’d be upset too. Realtors usually sell properties where there is competition for them and in populated areas. The greater the population, the more expensive the property.

So sure, if you have domains that are popular and there’s competition for them then I want to learn about them. But if you are pitching domains of low quality where there are gazillion similar options available at registration fee, then you are wasting your and my time.



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