Great Words for New 2 Word Combination Brandable Domains

When looking for creating a new service or product brand for your business, there are generally 4 options:

  1. Made up creative domains (i.e. Zappos, Twitter, etc.)
  2. 2 word combinations (i.e. Blue Origin, Salesforce, Microsoft, etc.)
  3. Single word or exact match (i.e. Amazon, Apple)
  4. Abbreviations (i.e. IBM, AOL)

The options numbered 3 and 4 are most expensive and difficult to acquire. In this article, we will focus on the appropriately numbered option 2 for 2-word combinations which are more readily available and affordable. The following generic words can be combined with other words to form a 2-word brandable domain.

  • Digital
  • Bright
  • Direct
  • Smart
  • First
  • Sharp
  • Impact
  • Group
  • Token
  • Force
  • Active
  • Advantage
  • Amazing
  • Vision
  • Wicked
  • Access
  • Global
  • Space

There are also other word combos that make sense when matched with the function or industry of the website. For example, these are some words you can combine for e-commerce online shopping brands:

  • Shop
  • Store
  • Retail
  • Buy
  • Brands
  • Get
  • Try

For travel brands:

  • Tour
  • Travel
  • Visit
  • Discover
  • Explore
  • Vacation(s)
  • Enjoy
  • Meet

Tech brands:

  • Tech
  • Media
  • Technolog(y/ies)
  • Soft
  • Ware
  • Digital

There are, of course, many others. But these should give you a good start with coming up with brandable 2 word domains.

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