Google Plus Is an Example of Why Domains are Critical to Business

Google Plus is a social network the launched in 2011. It was the third attempt by Google to enter the social media landscape, after Google Wave and Google Buzz failed.

It is the latest casualty of many social media networks that have failed or are still online but exist in anonymity, such as MySpace.

At one time MySpace was bigger than Facebook and a fierce competitor.

Anyone that had spent time and money creating, updating, and marketing their pages on those social media platforms, has found their work deleted. Time and money wasted. Imagine if you had hundreds of business cards with the social media page(s) printed on them. All of a sudden they became useless:

google plus not available

Build Your Brand on a Domain Name Rather Than Social Media

Having your own business domain name allows you to create a unique brand and build on that brand over months and years. It makes more sense to grow your own brand than to help a social network grow theirs by promoting their domain instead of yours.

If a social network stops sending you customers due to policy changes, popularity goes down, or simply ceases services, then your content and lead generation can still operate via your website and domain name.

By building your brand on a domain name you are not limited to using any single social network. You can use all the currently popular social networks to send you traffic. That traffic can turn into repeat traffic and leads. Visitors can return simply by remembering your domain name. Whereas this is more difficult if you only rely on your social media page(s) which you have less control over and are more difficult to remember.

Building brand equity is extremely difficult to do with social media pages because visitors will always see the social network’s branding first. With a domain name and a website, you can create brand awareness that will continue to increase in value in terms of advertising, sales, and exit strategy.

The reasons to use a good domain name to create your brand are overwhelming. For example, with a domain name and a website you can plug into traffic analytics and tools not possible with social media pages, which have limited stats by comparison.

With social media pages you will not get any type-in traffic which can be more valuable than traffic that comes from links or Web searches. It is also easier to rank for different keywords with an aged domain name and a well-developed website. So you will get more traffic from Web searches and not be dependent on a social network for all your visitors. The flow of which can suddenly stop or be significantly reduced.

If you build your business on a strong domain name, you will build instant credibility in the minds of visitors. Very difficult to accomplish with social media pages that are free and anyone can create one.

And the list goes on.

2 thoughts on “Google Plus Is an Example of Why Domains are Critical to Business

  • April 20, 2019 at 3:54 am

    Imho, the article title is unclear and misleading.

    It’s not that Google Plus itself is such an example. It’s that the businesses which relied on Google Plus for web presence are such examples.

    • April 20, 2019 at 4:24 pm

      Google Plus is a recent example that relying strictly on social media for your online business presence is dangerous and short-term thinking as any given social network can disappear or lose the traffic it once had. I see businesses solely use Facebook pages because they reason that their customers are on Facebook. That may be true today, but as G Plus and MySpace and many other social networks show, this may not always be the case. Even as Facebook is the most popular social network today, their changes in their policies and algorithm means less of your posts are seen by the network you worked so hard to build up:

      Whereas if you build your brand on a domain name and a website, you can use any social network that is popular today and tomorrow to send traffic and generate leads to your brand. The traffic and leads can turn into customers and repeat traffic, and that no longer is dependent on the social network.

      Google Plus is used in the article as an example of how relying *only* on social networks for business is not the smartest business decision.

      You should be building your brand using a great domain name because long-term no one is going to take that away from you. Even if a registrar or a Web host go out of business, you can move your domain and website to another registrar/host.


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