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Supply, a small family owned shaving supplies business, has rebranded their website from to According to Whois, the domain has been registered since 2003. There are no reported sales for that domain and no records (according to prior to that date, so likely it was registered at the original registration cost and not acquired on the aftermarket. If that is the case, then it is a pretty decent domain name at registration price. The “get” prefix is fairly popular for brands that can’t afford the exact match domain or if it is not available.

According to, was purchased early in 2018 for $5,269 on the Sedo aftermarket. In the opinion of this writer, it is a fair market value for a popular keyword dot co domain. The domain has been continuously registered since 2010. As expected, all extensions for the SLD (Second Level Domain), supply, are registered. is an online business selling home renovation and repair supplies. So the question is whether is an upgrade from

Patrick Coddou, co-owner with his wife of, has received some flack over the domain choice on Twitter. He wrote that they “(very reluctantly) changed our domain name from to I’ve been sitting on this decision for literally two years.” That should tell you something.

While some criticized the decision to go with a dot co domain (this writer included) others have supported the move as going with a cleaner looking domain. However, at best, this is a sideways move rather than upwards. The argument made on Twitter, even from supporters, is that the domain will leak traffic and emails to the dot com version. And even though the SLD is cleaner (only one word), the TLD (Top Level Domain), dot co, will lead to confusion with dot com. Whether that will be less so than with only time will tell.

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