Epik Loses Another Key Member

Back in April, 2019, Epik lost a key member due to scandals regarding hate and neo-nazi content and the free speech defense by the company’s owner, Rob Monster. Just recently, Epik lost a key Board member, Braden Pollock. This is another major loss for Epik, because Braden is a recognized name in the domaining community. The reason for the departure was stated by Mr. Pollock in his Twitter feed:

So the reason stated is “Since @robmonster and I don’t share the same ideology it’s time he and I part company. I don’t agree with the direction of @EpikDotCom so I’ve decided to resign my Board seat, effective immediately.”

The ideology is not difficult to decipher as it has been expounded upon on various media and including the domaining forum, NamePros. As well as on this blog post.

The news was first reported by DomainInvesting.com where supporters of Epik/Rob Monster battled it out with supporters of Braden Pollock.

Rob Monster gave his side of the story on a NamePros post. In the post, Rob states that he and Braden remain friends but a source of contention included, at least in part, the retention of Dan Sanchez. There seems to be an embarrassing moment where Dan said some colorful metaphors during an open phone connection. We can only imagine who was on the other line. Perhaps this was the straw that broke the camel’s back. We can only speculate. But we will update this post as more news arises.

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