DomainLiquidate Helps You Liquidate Your Domains on Social Media

Liquidating some of your domain assets will contribute to creating cashflow, which is critical to the operation of any business. is a unique free service that leverages Twitter and social media to put domains out in front of more potential buyers. It is the first of its kind. A centralized Twitter feed for posting domains at reseller pricing.

Rather than allowing domains to expire, and to pay for renewals or new registrations, you can post domains to the feed for free that you want to liquidate.  Having a centralized feed for domain sales allows both buyers and seller to have a one-stop place on Twitter to buy or sell domains. The feed is regulated by some commonsense rules and is moderated to ensure that domains posted are at reseller pricing and that unnecessary posts, comments, or criticism is kept out. Basically, to keep it on a professional level and have quality domains posted regularly at reduced pricing.

At the time of this writing, you are allowed to post 5 domains per day and repost same domains after 30 days. Additionally, you can include a link to your online portfolio, a spreadsheet download, or to another marketplace where you have more domains listed.

As mentioned, the service is free. It leverages the social reach of Twitter. And the feed is being promoted in other venues. So, it is an ideal place for any domainer to utilize to liquidate domains at reseller pricing. Go check it out, follow the feed. This is an ideal place to post your domains or enhance your portfolio with some great deals. The url is This will redirect to the Twitter page at

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