Domainers Capitalizing on Criminal Lifestyles?

I have to be honest. Some domainers, or domain investors, have no moral boundaries, apparently. I recently received an email from a well-known domain broker selling domains that are directly related to the notorious Colombian cartel boss of bosses, Pablo Escobar. According to Wikipedia, he was not only a cartel boss but also a narcoterrorist. So it came as a surprise to me to receive the following email:

Highlights include:
It also includes a Cusco Painting which was given to Pablo by his mother on his Birthday, the day before he was killed by the US DEA in Medellin.

It includes a video of Pablo’s brother Roberto holding the painting and explaining the story and provenance.

$1.75 million (I know it says more on the website, but after all, this is the DOMAIN DEALS newsletter!)

This is a potential $1 Billion franchise waiting for the right owner to monetize it and license the brand to all the parties that would benefit from this brand in a variety of industries:
Travel & Tourism
And more!

While MediaOptions is sensitive to the polarizing nature of ‘Pablo Escobar’, it would be a mistake to overlook the opportunity presented by and wider scope of the implications of such an unique offering of intellectual property. 

Controlling the rights means controlling the narrative around the story of Pablo Escobar.  There have been a number of franchises worth tens or even hundreds of millions of dollars that have been built on the back of Pablo Escobar’s name; see this New Yorker article on the profits of Escobar’s posthumous celebrity, and certainly keep in mind the least of which is Netflix’s series “Narcos.”

However, as demonstrated by the popularity of the number of television series and movies about Pablo Escobar, not to mention books, documentaries, comics, games, restaurants, bars, etc, we firmly believe that the time is right to turn the page on this unique package of assets for a new custodian to write the next chapter, commercially or otherwise.

This billion dollar opportunity could be yours for diverse licensing agreements & monetizing this “blue ocean” of assets and opportunity.
Andrew Rosener

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