Difference Between a Website and a Domain

Many people use the words website and domain name interchangeably. From an outsider point of view it can make sense. A domain has a number of definitions. It basically means a territory or a region owned and controlled by the owner. A website is the visual front end also owned and controlled by the owner. Due to the confusion some even consider a social media page as their website and domain, like on Facebook for example.

However, it must be stressed that the word domain, in Internet speak, is shortened for domain name. So when you register a domain, you are registering a name. You are not registering a domain in the traditional sense. You are registering what essentially amounts to an address. Like a business address you put on your business card and letterhead. But it doesn’t mean anything unless there is something at that address. At least a mailbox.

This is where the website comes in. A website is something that shows up when someone types in the domain name into the browser. A website is a collection of pages linked together. You can also have a single page. The most basic page shows a way to contact the owner. In order to have a website you must have a host. A host is a web server with a numerical address which is connected to and accessible via the Internet. The domain name points to the server and the server recognizes the location of the website which then it is able to serve it in the browser. We will go into more details how the domain name is connected to the server that hosts the website.

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