Difference a Domain Can Make In Your Life

Domain names can make or break businesses. They can be the difference between fame and anonymity. Can you imagine what success Amazon.com would have if Jeff Bezos used instead AmazonSuperStore.com? Or a more recent example, if the owner of Ring.com decided to use RingSecurityCameras.com instead?

Clearly the domain name Jeff Bezos would use for his empire was both an inspiration and helped greatly in the branding efforts.

Some follow the thought that “I will start with a weaker name, and when I am successful I will upgrade”. But that is like working against the grain and only slows down the success for your business or project.

The right domain can give instead credibility and recognition to your business. It will lower advertising costs because it will take less effort to make your site memorable and recognizable. This will translate into huge savings in advertising and increased quality traffic. If people will easily make mistakes remembering or typing the domain then you will lose important traffic.

Furthermore, a good domain name will inspire and motivate you. Jeff Bezos created a large print banner that read nothing more than just “Amazon.com” and hung it on a wall in his work area back in the early days when he was starting out. That said it all. He had a great domain name that screamed ‘global brand’. Now, you may not have the same aspirations as Bezos, but the perfect domain for your business or project will motivate you to develop something people will want to visit.

The best domain names are aged. They were registered years ago. So you can’t just register it for $10 or so. You have to purchase them on a domain aftermarket. This will have an impact on the SEO of your site. SEO is Search Engine Optimization which helps your website appear higher on the search engines like Bing and Google.

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