Content – The Most Underrated Digital Asset That Can Grow Your Bottom Line

When you think of digital assets, what comes to mind? Perhaps the current rage, NFTs (Non-fungible tokens) and cryptocurrency, or perhaps domain names, your social media accounts, your website code, anything stored on your computer hard drive or hosting server, etc. NFTs by far stand out as they have caught the attention of the world due to the size of their sales and that high profile people are engaged in creating them. Generally speaking, assets are anything that has material value and can be converted into cash to be used for payment or new investment. NFTs, domain names, and websites tend to be most popular as they can be converted into liquid assets in a fairly short amount of time. Whether NFTs will have staying power or are a hyped up fad, time will tell.

Domain names and websites are established assets that have been traded for decades now, with a few bumps in the road such as the dot com bust in 2000. But they have rebounded even stronger. And that is a true test of a valuable digital asset worth holding on to: can it survive busts, economic downturns and threats from competing and/or emerging assets that gain massive media attention and hype, and hold its value or increase in value. However, in this article we will not talk about those. We will discuss a digital asset that has been around even longer than the aforementioned, an asset which continues to thrive and grows in value over time, and which is largely underrated. And that digital asset is CONTENT.

Have you thought of content as a digital asset? Or just filler material used to populate the pages of your website or blog with the hopes of getting more clicks?

How Content is a Valuable Digital Asset

There are 3 key characteristics that make content a valuable digital asset: 1) It’s uniqueness, being one-of-a-kind. 2) It’s overall quality. 3) It’s value to visitors.

Content can be posted on your primary website or social media, or even submitted to other websites in return for a link. It can take the form of articles, videos, images, photos, ebooks, software, etc. Over time it will incubate on the search engines and contribute to your overall ranking. If your content is viewed as valuable by the audience it can result in links back to the content page and shared on social media. It can go viral. Again, this will increase your ranking on the search engines. Content can also be sold as a unique asset.

Overall, content can generate revenue through direct sales, pay-walls, or it can contribute to the value of your primary asset, the website, through search engine ranking, or growing your list of subscribers and followers. In the end, there are numerous ways to monetize content as your audience grows. So don’t underestimate the value of content, view it as a digital asset. It is organic in growth in terms of eventual remuneration so it requires patience until you see the benefits, but they will come.

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