Best Social Networks for Domain Name Sales

Let’s face it, unless you have high 5 digit or 6 digit valued domain name your domain name will not get attention of the biggest bidder. You need to direct their attention to your domains, create excitement, and show the business potential. Social networks are one of the ways to reach potential buyers. But with so many options, which ones can garner the best results? Not all social networks create the same opportunities. With some you can reach businesses and decision makers, with others it is more about getting traffic and awareness to lift your domain sales brand up.

This is not an exhaustive list of social networks but only those most likely to grow domain sales. You need to be mindful which networks your potential buyers can be found on. The specific network should also determine how you will behave on it.

Twitter – Quick, easy posting. Make sure to have a handle that matches your brand name.

LinkedIn – This is the platform that has business owners and high level management presence.

Facebook – On FB you can create both business pages and manage your own personal account. This platform allows you to interact and reach prospects in a more personal way.

Medium – Great for blogging, getting the word out and showing off your expertise.

Pinterest and Instagram are more visual for videos and pictures. If you have logos for your domains or have the ability to make videos then you can get a following on these platforms. – Again, this is a video platform. So if you have a knack or skill at making videos, you may want to build a reputation through videos. You can post videos on the benefits of owning a particular domain that is notable in your portfolio.

It is important to have a strategy when using social media. In most cases, you cannot control who will follow you and it may be that most are selling domains just like you. And that is fine. But take a moment to read our article on how not to waste your time on social media. On social media sites where you can vet and reach out to people, then use good judgement. Who will benefit from owning a domain in your portfolio? Reach out to potential end-users and investors. Spend some time learning about them. Join groups dedicated to domain sales. Make sure your landing pages have social media meta tags and post those.

In the end, social media should only be considered as getting the word out and building relationships. Encouraging people to do business with you.


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