About DN Playbook

DN Playbook is an educational blog about domain investing and domain development.

What is a Playbook?

A playbook is originally used by sports teams to outline their strategies and plays, especially in football. The business world has adopted the name ┬áto outline their plans for growth, and their strategic predetermined responses to situations that may likely arise in the course of doing business. Wikipedia defines it as: “A document defining one or more business process workflows aimed at ensuring a consistent response to situations commonly encountered during the operation of the business.”

What is DN Playbook?

DN Playbook is an aptly named blog because within its pages and posts we will outline strategies and responses to the continued growth and operation of a successful domain name business. We will focus on proven and working strategies for creating a sustainable full-time or part-time domain business. We will also look at news and real world examples that can be applied to domain businesses.

One important aspect that we will focus on is also how any business can use domains to grow their bottom line, increase sales, and lead generation.

Most companies underestimate the power and benefit of domain names to their business success. At DN Playbook, we will remove the veil and demonstrate how domains can play a vital role in their playbooks.

We hope that you will enjoy and benefit from the information provided on DNPlaybook.com.

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