10 Ways to Build Credibility for Your Business

Today it is a challenge to set yourself apart from the competition. It is also difficult to get your business noticed, especially when it is recently established. Here are our top 10 ways to build credibility for your business and set yourself apart from the competition.


The word branding is thrown around a lot today in business. What is it really? Simply put, it is promoting your business by visual means such as distinct design of logo, website, and collateral materials. It includes the messaging across your website and other media. This is also related to the motto and mission statement of your company. Branding needs to be consistent across all its forms.

Social media.

Social media is one of the most basic ways to get your word out and build a following. Brand on social media and be active. Make sure your website is linked from your profile page and can be easily found. Check out our articles on social media here.


Testimonials are a powerful credibility building tool. Have a section on testimonials on your website. Testimonials can also come through websites that focus on companies and ratings. You may want to make sure your company is on such websites, if related, and stay on top of any reviews. You can use the positive reviews on your website.


A blog is an excellent way to share your expertise and become known as an authority in your field. But don’t just post articles that plug your business or services. That can be very transparent to readers if all you do is plug your company. Offer some useful advice and tips. Make sure you share your posts everywhere you can, on social networks, forums, etc.


Put your best work on display. Be sure to have a showcase page on your website that highlights the work you have done and the benefits.


Offering freebies is an excellent way to get your foot in the door of prospective buyers. But make sure that the freebies actually do offer benefits. And then, to get even more make sure they know how to contact you. Freebies can include free advice, free consultation, free software, free downloads, free ebooks, etc.


Is there a professional association related to your industry? Why not join and highlight on your website that you belong to this association of professionals. An association can also be the Better Business Bureau or a local association of business owners.


There are 2 types of groups you should join. Professional groups related to your field and also groups where your prospective buyers are on. For example, if your field is in the automotive industry, you might look for groups of car owners or buyers looking for tips and advice. Your credibility will grow as you share your knowledge with people.


It takes time to build trust. Most of these tips deal with ways that contribute to building trust. What else can you do? Make sure people know how to reach you. People want to know that you will be around in the future. Having a phone number displayed on your website is helpful. Create a bio page about yourself and your business. Always use a secure internet connection (HTTPS) over the browser for your website. Make sure all pages are working and do not result in 404 (Page Not Found) errors. Your website design does not need to be super fancy but should present a professional image. If you can, place applicable trust badges on your website.


More specifically, realistic expectations. If your offer sounds too good to be true then people will be hesitant to do business with you. Be sure that people understand the results, benefits, and features, and what is expected of them. But if you oversell and their unrealistic expectations are not reached then it will impact your credibility.


Credibility is the cornerstone of successful business. Building credibility takes time and consistent effort. But it is well worth it. Your credibility can follow you even if you change your business.


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